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Fabrizio "rusto" Russo gallery

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26 sep 2012 10:53

here is my boxart for the first figure by SergeantBlackArt

- Lien -

- Lien -

if you want to vote and comment on cmon:

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26 sep 2012 11:04

Résidence: Montbrison (pour l'instant...)
Occupations: Migraines, corvées...
even if it s really well painted, i m not envoying the mini...
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26 sep 2012 16:27
did you like A GAME OF THRONES?

here is a robotical version, with a strange figure on it ;)

if you want to vote and comment on cmon:

THANKS! ciao...
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08 oct 2012 08:47

it's on line The second part Of the article:

- Lien -

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08 oct 2012 19:35

Occupations: barbouilleur
hey I really like your Roosevelt mini and the inspiration from game of thrones is realy fun.
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20 oct 2012 22:12

here is my entry for the last italian golden demon.
it was a project for the big scale 2011edition, but I didn't finish in time, so now he took a place in open, and took a GOLD!

if you want to vote and comment here too,
- Lien -

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21 oct 2012 12:36

Ciao Fabrizzzzzio

I already told u over, but another time won't hurt, i love this dwarf, nice idea and great paintjob !
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21 oct 2012 12:49

Résidence: toulouse
Occupations: peinture et sculpture
very good paint job. i find it far better than the commissions paint work. love your way to use colors
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21 oct 2012 16:20

Admin deleted
Résidence: Quimper (29)
Always a good idea to use heads of monster kits for 54 mm project (like on your Valar Morghulis scene).

And the paintjob rocks with this dark theme
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21 oct 2012 17:17

Résidence: velizy 78
Occupations: peintures, guitares, photos et pleins d'autres petites choses
For me, the best miniature I saw in spanish GD. I remember to loose my mind when I've seen your display !!
Thank you !!!
un jour, je finirai mes 15000 pts d'eldar !!
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slave of paint
21 oct 2012 17:25

Résidence: Juvisy-sur-orge (91)
Occupations: De tout sauf de la fig...
amazing as usual with your minis
Le nouveau blog:
- Lien -
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24 oct 2012 19:18

ciao ed, yeah, every time you want!!!

thank you all
ciao fabrizio!!!
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24 oct 2012 19:19
The Single 40.000 is one of the most sought categories. I tried to use an old idea remained on the back burner for years. A simple ork, not a leader, even a hero, but a character in a new and dynamic position. He is dying, while a sniper hits him. I’m very proud of this piece, it is an important step forward for me. Who will give a prize to a dying piece?

if you want to vote and comment here too
- Lien -

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24 oct 2012 20:07

Résidence: Vincennes
Occupations: sculpteur
it's always a pleasure to see your work, especially the skin tones on all your work!
Mon blog
- Lien -
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Site Internet
24 oct 2012 21:25

Space Cagoule
Résidence: Lille
Occupations: ahahah... qu'est-ce-qu'on rigole...
Lively and dynamic... and sooo well done.
Sensible aux signes extérieurs de bêtise.
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24 oct 2012 22:50

Résidence: La Norville (91)
I love the dwarf !
Do you have pictures before the painting ?
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Site Internet
24 oct 2012 23:49

Skivy Wonder
Résidence: Nottingham, UK
Occupations: Miniature designer
Hi Fabrizio!
The last one is very cool. I prefer this one than the miniature which won the slayer. Your conversion work is more clever (the proportions are more balanced). And the paintjob is accurate as usual.

Now please share the monster!!
"La compulsivité [est] la force la plus puissante du monde, après la flemme bien sûr."
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Site Internet
25 oct 2012 11:06

Résidence: Niort
Occupations: Cornemouise
I love your dying ork !

I especially like the way you use TMP on your minis, and the different textures.

Nice job.
- Lien -
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08 nov 2012 10:09
hi painters!!!

here is a news by TERRIBLE KIDS STUFF, a beautiful 54mm sculpted by Pedro Fernández Ramos. the concept is by my friend Andrea Jula...and the paint is mine!!!

vote and comment here if you want, and if you have time!
- Lien -

questions or suggestions??
please, tell me...fabrizio!


here is my photos, just a bit cold, of the news figure by Raul Garcia Latorre 54mm

if you want to vote and comment on cmon too:
- Lien -

questions? impressions??


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08 nov 2012 11:51

Admin deleted
Résidence: Quimper (29)
MOD Pandera : this topic is just to show your personnal paintjobs, not to post commercial links under each pics. And use the edit function (on the right side) to avoid multi-posts. Thx.
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