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Khronos Miniatures

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21 fév 2009 12:59

We are a new company but over twenty years of experience as wargamers and modelers make us able to give you historical accuracy and pleasure for your tabletop, just in 18 mm.
We’ll be waiting for you at our stand at the Salute 2009 show in London on 03/28/09.
Take a look our site.
I hope the miniatures like you. Any suggestions, comments is really appreciate.

Best Regards

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21 fév 2009 13:01

- Lien -
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21 fév 2009 13:14
Sachem en goguettes
hey ...

those minis are nice ...

but i''ve a question:
are there many others minis in 18 mm
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21 fév 2009 14:37

Currently there are two ranges. Spartans (300), and Romans (see above for two miniatures)
You will see them and other news at the Salute show 2009 in London
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21 fév 2009 16:37
Sachem en goguettes
uh ...

i was not clear enough ...

it seems that 18 mm is not an usual size for minis ... but maybe you're counting 15mm to the eyes, or sometlhing like that ...

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23 fév 2009 16:54

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As Winston said, nice minies but why 18mm while most other plastic makers tend to make them 20mm if not bigger?
Nice paint job on them too, but I'm not convinced by the helmet...(personal taste though)
Ce que je ne connais pas, je l'apprends, ce que je connais, je le partage.

Les Tyranides quand il y en à 1 ça va, c'est quand ils sont plusieurs que ça va plus.

Trop d'aéro tue l'aéro !!!

Putain, j'en ai marre de tous ces Kickstarters !!!
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24 fév 2009 13:15

the miniatures are 18mm (made of metal) to the eye, including the base. They are enough compatibile with other miniatures like AB, Xyston, ecc. For this reason we chose the 18mm, but they are thinner and anatomically corrected respect other companies, this doesn't want to say that they are better then other minatures, it's a fact of personal taste. I only hope that you want to see some model of person before judging the quality. Give them a chance and then decide. We waiting for you at Salute, if you can.
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26 fév 2009 13:52

Hi everyone

This is the real height of the mini

And a new range WIP....

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26 fév 2009 15:48

Team binouz Fondateur
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Wow, i must say that i'm impress.
Not really why I like, (I prefer bigger minis), but your work is no less impressive to my eyes.

Hope to see you somewhere in France maybe ?
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